Welcome to My Internet Diary, hosted by Jordan Daniel. (formerly My Google Diary)

Join us as we take an in depth and unqualified look into the internet searches of our guests. Each week we click the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button of their minds to find the sometimes weird, but always wonderful, reasons behind each search.

Jordan Daniel is a comedian, writer, and podcast host. He is banned from Nuneaton Library, America, and South End Airport. He is a failed musician who has been in too many bands with names like Eat Meat, Dear You, The Ten Bastards, and Bruce Springstien's Rolling Stones, amongst others. He makes drawings which are one complete line and are sometimes ugly.

He used to make music as Merry Eiffel Tower High, and wrote a book called 'A Book of Matches: or The Sea Above' that can be bought here.